Bill Gates on Mind Mapping

Since Bill Gates mentioned Mind Mapping in a Newsweek article, many people suddenly took note – Simply because he is one of the best known modern geniuses in the world.

I include an extract of his article here so that you may get some insight into his reasons.

Bill Gates – Mind Mapping is leading the way to a new information democracy
Virtually all Fortune 500 Companies use Mind Mapping including IBM, Boeing Aircraft, Microsoft and the BBC, proving just how much growth it has experienced in the business world since it was invented by Tony Buzan in the late 1960s. Indeed, in a recent issue of Newsweek and NBC on the web, Bill Gates, the Chairman of Microsoft, proclaimed that Mind Mappers and Mind Mapping software were the “Road Ahead” and are “leading the way into the next stage of our new information democracy”.

Extract from Bill Gates’s Newsweek Article
“Most of us now live in an ‘information democracy’…. But while we’ve gone a long way toward optimizing how we use information, we haven’t yet done the same for knowledge…. But as software gets smarter about how people think and work, it’s starting to help them synthesize and manage knowledge, too… new generation of “mind-mapping” software can also be used as a digital “blank slate” to help connect and synthesize ideas and data—and ultimately create new knowledge.”

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